In Style and on Budget: Affordable Decorating Tips for Every Home

You can just feel it when you walk into that room… it’s outdated, it’s dreary and it’s lacking a heap of personality. If you’ve got one of those rooms in your home – one that leaves you feeling less than inspired, reviving it doesn’t have to flat line your bank account. With a few small décor updates (think artwork additions or painting a bright feature wall), you can renovate your living space without splashing out completely.

Feature Walls

There’s more to painting a room than picking one solid colour for all four walls. This is your chance to get creative with decorative painting techniques in a range of designs – starting with textured rollers that can create a variety of playful, unique patterns.

You can’t go wrong with timeless, vertical stripes. Add to your existing colour scheme by painting a series of vertical stripes in varying widths and with complementary colours. If you’re going to DIY, you can easily achieve crisp, clean lines between each stripe by applying painter’s tape between stripes for perfect, precise lines.

On a strict budget? Pick a wall and make a feature of it by applying wallpaper, or alternatively paint that wall only. Go for bright, captivating colours and finish it off with a few well-placed pieces of wall art, floating shelves, a wall-mounted TV or family-filled photo frames.


Plate Up

Your space says a lot about you, and when it comes to artwork – even more so. So when it comes to adding art, this is your time to let your personality shine! Skip the expensive gallery pieces and create your own collection of either photo frames or plates.

Create engaging, conversation starters with a feature wall of pretty plates or photo frames – old, new, inherited or collected over time (this is where thrift stores and garage sales become your best friend). Go for various sizes, shapes and colours, and display each on your chosen feature wall. You can cover an entire wall, or focus on a smaller area – but before you get started, have a practice run by laying out your design on the floor first. This way, you’ll achieve your desired look, without the extra nail holes from hanging them without a plan.

Regal Rugs

Walls are usually the go-to area for refreshing a room, leaving the floors forgotten. But with a carefully chosen and budget-friendly rug or hallway runner, you can instantly and easily change the look of a room. Not only will a great rug update the flooring, it’ll keep your bare feet comfy once you’ve kicked off your shoes.

If you needed any more convincing, a stylish rug adds visual interest to the centre of your room, helps divide spaces of a large open plan area, and adds a touch of opulence to a smaller space.

Love That Accent…

Whether you’ve repainted the walls, laid down a new rug or added a big, bold piece of artwork to your walls, no room redecorating project is complete without a few perfectly placed accent pieces. These interesting items stand out from your bigger pieces of furniture and at the same time, tie the whole room together. Go for small, easily updated scatter cushions in a range of complementary colours, or an impressive, well-positioned vase. Consider a bright beanbag chair for your child’s bedroom, a bold lawn chair on your patio or an attention-grabbing lamp on a side table. A great accent piece will always speak for itself, so one affordable piece is all it takes.

When inspiration strikes, it’s your chance to get creative and to embrace the opportunity to freshen up your home without going on a massive spending spree. With a pinch of inspiration and personality, you can effortlessly make over any room in your home into one that’s made just for you.

And then it’s on to the next room…

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