Altasorg Looking Up

Blogger, content editor and avid DIYer, Misi Overturf shares how Decorland helped turned her vision of the Altasorg Centre into a reality:

I simply just had to share a little sneak preview of how the Altasorg Centre’s revamp is looking at this point. I am so excited about how it’s coming together.
The generosity of people is astounding! We asked and received so many things that helped to make this project a reality.

The two chairs were upholstered with fabric sponsored by an awning company, it was part of old stock they had and gave it to the centre. So these two chairs are DURABLE, and looking quite nifty!

Altasorg Looking Up | Decorland

The gorgeous fabric for the curtains (this is the social hall) were sponsored by Biggie Best, and Peace River Trading made the curtains and supplied new rails.

Brights in Parow sponsored some hardware, some of the paint for the cupboards, knobs for the cupboard doors, and also the mooring twine and Alcolin adhesive that we used to add detail to the pillars. It looks sassy, to fit with the nautical theme, and it was a very MESSY job.

Pricecheck was the generous sponsor of two televisions for the hall, and Decorland‘s blinds were a clever addition that gives the room a really splendid, modern finish. Altasorg Looking Up | Decorland


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