How to make your home cosy this winter.

Create a cosy homeSome of us on the southern tip of Africa are starting to feel the chill of shivery-cold mornings, crispy cool days and frosty long nights. Winter has arrived!  There is nothing more comforting than being swaddled by the warmth of home and family at the end of a chilly day out. Here are a few ways to make your home really cosy this winter.

Cosy Nook – Creating a comfortable reading nook is a great way to add to the ‘warm and cosy’ factor of your home.  Nothing beats being able to curl up with a hot drink and a good book to escape the miserable weather outside. Shift a sleeper couch or recliner arm chair into a warm corner of the room and casually drape it with a small blanket or a fleecy throw. A dinky night table just big enough for your book and a hot cuppa will help to create the perfect snuggle spot.

Blankets  – Who doesn’t love a warm blanket to curl up in and defrost after braving the winter chills? Add a blanket or knitted throw to the end of the beds or drape one over an armchair, to create an inviting atmosphere to every room. Combine thick, fleecy textures and chunky colourful knits to add warmth and character.

Floor Pillows – Pillows are an excellent way to turn up the comfy factor.  Oversized floor pillows or floor poufs are great for sleepovers or just to sprawl out on to watch a movie. Look out for these in your local home decor store or try your hand at making a few. There are loads of online tutorials with easy-to-follow steps to help you customise floor pillows to fit your space.

Candles – Warm up the house with the glow of candles.  Compliment the decor sensibility and colour scheme of the room when selecting candles and choosing between formal  candle sticks and candelabras, whimsical candle holders or rustic candle stands.

Lamps – Create warmth throughout your home by gently lighting up selected areas in each room. Change to energy-saving light bulbs with delicate, yellow light to create a magical warm glow in your rooms on these cold winter nights.

Curtains – Dressing your windows in warmer tones and textured fabrics will immediately add an air of warmth and contentment to a chilly room. During the daytime, use decorative curtain holdbacks to allow the afternoon sunshine to bathe the room in natural light. You might also want to consider layering your windows. Use our Decorland Thermo Roller blinds as your window covering of choice and then layer with Curtains. Made from a thermal coated block-out fabric, these roller blinds are highly effective in heat control, preventing heat loss in winter but also help to reflect sun in summer.

Layer the floors - Rugs not only add colour and style to the room, but serve as a practical way to insulate the room against cold air seeping up through the floors. Layer the floors with a selection of textures and patterns that compliment the surrounding space.

Change your sheets and bed linen – A simple yet tremendously effective way to keep warm this winter is to swap your cool cotton sheets for flannel ones. Adding a down comforter and an extra blanket to the bed will certainly keep you toasty until morning.

Finally, we encourage you to fill your home with love, laughter and the companionship of friends and family to warm your heart and your home throughout this winter season - and all year around.

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