How to measure your windows for blinds, curtain rods and tie backs.

Measure for blinds

DIY Window dressing can be very intimidating when you’re uneasy about the correct window measurements. Getting the measurements wrong can be both costly and time-consuming to fix. We have put together a few handy tips to help you get those measurements right the first time. And if you are still unsure, you can of course make use of Decorland’s' Measuring service by contacting the Decorland Consultant at any Game store nationally.


Firstly, make sure that you have the right tools. You will need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Step ladder
  • Measuring for blinds


Blinds can be installed above the window or inside the window recess. Make sure you check for any obstructions on the wall or in the window recess, like window handles or burglar guards.

For wall face mountings, measure the width of the window, from left to right, to the nearest millimetre. You should include the wall area on either side of the window that you want the blind to cover. You should measure the height of the window you want to cover, from top to bottom, including the wall area above and below the window.

For recess mountings, you should always measure inside the window recess from wall to wall, and not the window frame or window sill. You should measure at least two places from the left to the right and top to bottom as some windows are not plastered straight.

You can also watch our handy tutorial on how to measure for blinds.



Measuring for Curtain Rods - When installing Curtain rods - you should start first by measuring the inside width of the window. Your curtain rods should extend 10-20cm beyond the window on each side. You should  measure the desired installation height of the rods according to your existing or new curtain height. Use your pencil to mark the exact spots where holes will be drilled for installation.

Measuring for Finials - always ensure there is enough space for your chosen finial at the ends of the curtain rod. If space is limited, consider an end cap finial.

Measuring for Tie backs / Hold Backs - Tie backs or Hold Backs should be installed approximately 1 metre from the floor and within 10 – 20cm beyond the end of the window edge on each side.Measuring-Tie-Backs

Additional handy hints

Always use a metal tape measure as plastic and cloth tapes may stretch. Even 5mm can make the difference between a good fit and a bad one!

And don't forget - our friendly Decorland team are also always available to help you with your installation. Just give us the correct measurements you took while using the above guidelines, and we will install your window décor in time and on budget.



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