Bedroom Ideas For Your Little Girl

Girls Bedroom Decorland

Decorating a bedroom can be a difficult choice, especially for little girls! Every little princess deserves a space of her own – a room that beautifully showcases her “favourites".

So, whether she is a princess in pink or a tough tomboy, here are a few ideas to make your daughter’s bedroom all her own:

Pick a colour:

Here, the go-to colour is pink. But think beyond the soft pinks and go daring with a bright cerise pink. This bold colour is ideal for experimenting with bi-colour walls – where two walls are painted pink and the other two left white. Not loving all things pink? Go for a soft mint green, or turquoise for something that’s fun, playful, and not too girly.

Pretty wall patterns:

Create a feature wall in her bedroom with patterned wallpaper. Here, your options are endless, and helping her pick out her favourite design is a great way to bond with your daughter. You’ll find that classic florals have been given a modern update, and you’ll discover a whole world of patterns that you’ll both love. Quick tip: When laying out her room, enhance her new feature wall by setting up her bed closest to the patterned wall.

Curtain call:

The window is the highlight of any bedroom. It’s where sunrays flow in on summer days, and it’s where cool breezes flow in on weekend mornings. Adding curtains or blinds is where you get to highlight this feature. Think lightweight, long flowing curtains and curtain holdbacks, reminiscent of a princess’s palace. For something a little more modern, go for fabric roman blinds in light colours.

Quick tip: Ensure that the colour you’ve chosen for her curtains or blinds complements the colour you’ve chosen for her walls.  If the room is pink, opt for cream, turquoise or soft blue curtains.

It’s all in the furniture:

The furniture you choose is where the room really comes to life. A four poster bed fit for a princess is a great way to make her feel like royalty. A matching dressing table, a full-length mirror and a side table are key pieces that’ll take her room from plain to perfect. If she loves to read, give her a bookshelf and beanbag, and if she loves to draw, a desk will go a long way.

Complete the look:

You’ve picked the colour of her walls, framed her windows with the perfect curtains, you’ve chosen her furniture… now this is where the fun comes in: decorating.  Create a little haven with an array of textures – fluffy, sequined or satin pillows enhance her bed, while paintings or canvas prints bring her walls to life. Lastly, a bedside lamp with a pretty lamp shade, a matching (single colour) soft rug and a few, well-chosen accessories like flower pots and photo frames.

Every girl has a dream room. With these tips, as well as plenty of inspiration from websites and magazines – you’ll give her a space she’ll love for years. Simply keep it true to her loves, and everything will effortlessly come together.

“Sugar and spice, and everything nice. It’s what little girls are made of.”

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