Common Interior Design Mistakes

Not all of us are experienced interior designers, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying! Being novices, we are all prone to mistakes. We all want a space in our home that is comforting, inviting and that of course, looks good too!

With these hints, you’ll easily avoid common design mistakes.

1. Scale: The scale and proportion of the décor in your living space is vitally important. When designing and decorating your room, it is essential to include differing heights in the design. Use furniture, statement pieces and other décor pieces to create levels in your room. This will heighten the visual appeal of your space. Many people design their room in such a way that everything is the same height, however, this only gives your room a stunted look. Installing too many large, bulky pieces of furniture can may make your room feel small. Too many little pieces of décor can make a room feel cluttered.

2. Lighting: Lighting in a room needs to be handled with care. Many people either install unnecessary lighting, making the lighting too harsh, or install insufficient lighting, making the room incredibly dim. Layered lighting is a clever way to avoid this! Add in standing lamps or if you enjoy reading on the couch, add a table lamp to your side coffee table.

3. Focal Point: This has to be the golden rule of interior design, often not adhered to! It is vital to include a décor piece or feature that acts as a focal point in your space. Focal points draw attention to your space and will subsequently draw people into that room. Establish a focal point and design the rest of the room around that feature to give your room a polished, harmonious look.

4. Budget: Impulse buying is something that we are all guilty of! It is important to shop around before buying something that doesn’t end up being a good fit for your home. If you are giving your space a new look, instead of boxing your décor up or handing them to friends, you could try selling them online. This could give you a few extra Rands towards your new décor.

5. Cushion Clutter: Many homeowners often overdo it when it comes to throw cushions on their couches. Too many cushions can make a couch look too cluttered and uninviting, rather stick to a small number of statement pillows for a desired effect.

6. Hanging Art: Hanging art or photos on the walls of your home is an excellent way to personalise your space, giving it a ‘homey’ atmosphere. Hanging too many pieces in the same area or hanging them randomly can make your walls look cluttered and messy. Try tracing the sizes of the artworks or photos on pieces of paper and stick those on the wall before actually hanging anything. This will give you an idea of what the arrangement will look like before you go through with the drilling and hammering of nails.

7. Fabrics First: New homeowners tend to paint their walls as soon as they move into their new home. This is one of the biggest interior design mistakes you can make! The first step should always be to decide on what textiles and fabrics you want in the room. Then you will need to find paint colours that will match these fabrics and textiles.

8. Window treatment: Depending on the type of space you are decorating, decide on whether you would need a blind, curtain or both. Be sure to take into consideration the amount of natural lighting and privacy you would like in this space. Whatever your selection, contact your nearest Game store and chat to a Decorland sales consultant. They will be able to advise you on the best type of window décor for your space, as well as assist you with your measurements and pricing. 

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