Make The Most Of Your Home Office


Whether you’re managing a business, organising your budget or telecommuting, it’s important to make the most out of your home office space. You’ll be spending countless hours in this room so establishing the best way to maximise this space can be difficult.

With these tips you're sure to make this an easy process:

1. Location: You’ll be spending lots of time in this room so choose an appropriate space. Utilising the rarely used guest room, is a good example. You should also consider other factors like traffic flow, noise and how easily distracted you may be. Don’t choose the room directly next to the nursery or play room as this may be distracting, noisy and hard for the kids to stay away.

2. Colour: Choose an interesting wall colour that’s going to excite and energise you. Colours like green are relaxing and ideal for high-stress jobs whilst colours like yellow or orange are more energizing for jobs that can be a bit draining. Add a colourful blind or curtain to your window instead of committing to a whole wall.

3. Good Chair: As we’ve said, you’ll be spending a great deal of time in this room so invest in a good quality chair that you can be comfortable in while you’re working.

4. Hide Technology: A home office can often become an eyesore when there is a mass of wires lumped in a corner. To give your home office more of a sophisticated feel, try and hide these wires to the best of your ability. Start by positioning your technology close to outlets (to reduce the number of running wires). You can feed wires through a desk grommet to hide the wires from view and those that are still visible can be covered with fabric cord covers to make them less harsh to the eye.

5. Natural Lighting: Make sure there is plenty of natural light in your home office work space. This can help reduce eye strain, headaches and simply brighten your mood. Be sure to position your desk so that there is no glare off your monitor or laptop!

6. Storage: Storage is an important way to maximise your home office work space. Try building up to conserve floor space! Invest in shelves instead of cabinets for storage. Not only will this save space on the floor, but this also draws the eye’s attention to the height of the room. It’s also a good idea to invest in furnishings and accents that double as storage.

7. Clean Air: NASA’s clean air study showed that common house plants can remove harmful toxins from the air, improving both your health and productivity, ideal for your home office work space!

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