Blinds vs Curtains


Whether you’re moving into your first home or redecorating your existing one, have you thought of how you’re going to cover your windows? Certain windows may require blinds while others would better suit a curtain, it all depends on which option works best for your space.

Here are some insights to help you when choosing blinds or curtains in your home:

  1. If you have odd shaped windows throughout your home, you may want to look at window coverings that are Custom-made to fit accordingly. Not all curtains or blinds are made the same, for the best results consult a Decorland Sales Consultant with your blind measurements.
  1. If the room gets lots of natural sunlight - choose a window treatment that allows you to control this light. A blind would be the ideal option for this space as blinds are versatile and allow you to easily control privacy and the amount of light entering a room. If natural light is lacking in a room, window coverings that are sheer and light weight will give you the privacy you need while still letting in some light.
  1. You need to match the theme of your window dressing to the style you have created in the room. Take into consideration the wall colours, the way you have decorated the room and the colours selected for focal areas. There are quite a few curtain and blind options that you can choose to suit your personal style and budget.

If you can’t choose between a blind or curtain for your window, you can use both and layer the window area beautifully.

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