Get Your Home Winter Ready

Winter is here - the air is cooler, the day feels shorter and the nights feel longer!

We have put together a few simple tips to help you get your home cosy this winter:
  • Natural light is something that never goes out of style, do you want to embrace the natural light or have more privacy and darkness during winter? Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the amount of light they want in their home, it also depends on the room. For example, in your TV room you want to avoid having a glare on your TV screen, Roller blinds are ideal for this type of room. Choose between a transparent or blockout blind, depending on the amount of light you would like to let in.
  • Warm shades of yellows, mustards, reds, golds and browns will help warm the look of the room considerably. Prefer a more calming appearance - opt for green tones. Deep blue is a popular winter colour that can easily be implemented into your home and complements white and wooden décor beautifully.
  • It’s all in the fabric! Wool and velvet are winter appropriate fabrics and the perfect way to attain a warmer feel in your home, in the form of throws and scatter cushions.
  • If you’ve been thinking of getting a new rug – now is the time to do it. Cover up the hard-cold floor with a plush new rug.
  • Drape your couch with a throw or two and don’t forget to keep a few blankets in a woven basket in your living room. This makes curling up to a good book or family movie a lot cosier.
  • Reduce electricity bills – by having the correct window covering as this helps; retaining heat and prevent it from escaping easily.

With these simple décor tips, you will soon be on your way to a cosier home this winter!

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