Your Summer Curtain Call

Window décor is a vital element and often a main focal point in the interior design of a home. However, selecting the right curtains can be surprisingly complex! There are often several boxes that you need to tick when selecting the right curtains for your home - like colour, prints and patterns, fabrics, length, lining and curtain rods.

We have put together a few tips for you to remember when deciding on what curtain will work best for your home:


Although the colour of the year was announced, if you are not that into the aubergine colour scheme, having a colour palette in mind can be useful in deciding what blinds to put up in your home. Do you want your curtains to blend in with your décor or do you want them to stand it? When you choose curtains that are the same tone as your wall or are a few shades darker, this will blend your window dressing in with your décor. Alternatively selecting a dominant colour in your room can really compliment your space! This can be achieved by matching the colour of your blinds or curtain with a matching throw or pillow.

At Decorland we have a range of curtain rods for you to choose from to complement your home. From black, brushed silver and antique brass, just to name a few, you’re sure to find a curtain pole to fit perfectly with the look you’re going for in your home.

Prints and patterns

Have patterned furniture in your home? Complement it with a subtle patterned curtain! Small neutral dots or paisley patterns work really well too. The right prints and patterns can turn any window into a stunning focal point. You can also create texture different styles of curtain rods and accessories.


Fabric is key when selecting the right curtains for your home. You can add depth and layers by installing a double curtain track. Hang a sheer lining behind your curtain – this will ensure that during the day you will still have sunlight shine through as well as the privacy you need. At night, you can simply close the curtain to block out the light completely.

When hanging your curtain, one golden rule you should always follow is to hang your curtains as high above your actual window as possible and have the curtain drape as far down to the ground as possible. Leave about 5cm between the bottom of your curtain and the floor to ensure they do not gather too much dust. This is also a great way to help make your room seem larger with taller window décor.

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