Choosing the perfect blinds.

From the furniture to the finishes – your home décor says a lot about you, and allows you to express your individuality. Blinds not only enhance your decor but are an ideal way to control light and privacy.

Identify your style be it roller, roman, vertical or venetian – pick out your material – fabric, fauxwood, bamboo, wood or aluminium – and select the perfect colour. Blinds can be fitted as the main window treatment, which complements a more modern minimalist look or used as a secondary treatment that allows you to layer your window dressing to blend with a more elegant setting.

Consider the following:

 Do you need to deal with street lighting or morning sunlight?

  • Consider block out blinds: Manufactured from fabric with special light reflective properties, these are perfect for blocking out strong morning sunlight or night lights that may disturb your sleep.

Do you have limited wall space?

  • Consider roller blinds: These roll up tightly at the top of the window, allowing you to make the most of sunlight during the day. A roller blind can be fitted neatly into the window recess, providing maximum space around the window and not interfering with other window treatments.

 Do you have sunlight throughout the day that causes screen glare and damages furnishings?

  • Consider vertical blinds: Ideal for controlling sunlight and privacy, these can be opened to the left, right or split in the middle. When opened, they stack to the side of your window offering an uncluttered look. They suit very large windows.

Do you have a window that needs varying degrees of coverage?

  • Consider a venetian blind: The slat structure of venetian blinds provides complete light control. You can alter the angle of the blind slats to suit the time of day, the level of light control and even the ambience of a room. These blinds allow for absolute privacy when closed and maximum daylight when opened.

Do you have luxurious window treatments that are difficult to arrange or a formal room in need of a blind?

  • Consider a Roman blind: These add both elegance and style with a contemporary feel. When raised, the gentle folds are neat and, when lowered, the flat panel effect makes for a chic clean window treatment. Our woven-wood Roman blinds can flatter the proportions of a small window, especially if the blind is measured to fit a little higher above the window opening and a little wider than normal to give extra width to the window dimensions.



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